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Timberline is committed to providing training throughout the life of an employee's career.

All employees are extensively trained to assure that they are provided every opportunity to enable their success and growth. Each new employee is provided training on the various products and programs our clients ask us to work on their behalf, as well as computer system training, sales training and extensive training in DNC and Telemarketing Sales Rules.

Timberline trainings incorporate many facets of learning to accommodate many learning styles. We believe that we can present the information in ways that both educate and are fun! Training styles include presentations, worksheets, activities, role-playing, interactive computer-based training, and anything else that our trainers find to help our employees succeed at their jobs.

But don't think that training stops after being a new hire. Not at all! Timberline continues to provide education and training throughout an employee's career. Periodically, employees will receive refresher trainings, instruction on new products and programs, on-the-job training, quality assurance reviews, as well as motivational meetings.

A fun aspect that we have incorporated into our business style is learning through fun. Contests are held throughout the work day, and prizes are awarded based on job skills, knowledge, trivia, and much, much more! Ever-changing challenges allow employees to compete and better themselves in a save and friendly atmosphere.

We are a privately owned company with a family style atmosphere. We promote a FUN, FRIENDLY, CASUAL WORK ENVIRONMENT! So come have the Timberline Experience! Click "Submit Profile" now!

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